State Worker Solidarity

by wes Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2001 at 8:57 PM

SUPPORT California State Workers In Their Struggle For A Contract

SEIU#1000, The California State Employees Association (CSEA) is in the fight of their lives in bargaining a contract with the State of California. These ordinairy people--your family, friends, and neighbors--do the heavy lifting when it comes to providing state services. Yet, during contract negotiations they are being treated like second class citizens!!!

After months of bargaining here is what is being offered:

Pay Raise: 0% increase!

Health Care: Increased Out Of Pocket Costs

Disability: Inadequate Coverage

All of this while the state sits on 30,000 unfilled vacancies. And that translates to More Work for Fewer Workers!

How can you support these workers?

1)Contact Governor Gray Davis and tell him to give state workers a fair contract, NOW!

Sacramento: 916-445-2841

Fresno: 559-445-5259

Los Angeles: 213-897-0322

San Diego: 619-525-4641

San Francisco: 415-703-2218

Riverside: 909-680-6860


2) Come to the Capital in Sacramento at noon on Sept. 6 for a huge rally. Bring signs to show support for state workers. Many, many people speaking the voice of solidarity makes a difference!

Here are photos from the July 9 when over 4000 people rallied on the Capital steps in Sacramento:

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