Clarence Thomas Coming to San Bernardino?

by Anti-Facist Thursday, Aug. 09, 2001 at 12:29 PM

There is a rumor that Clarence Thomas, one of the "Felonious Five", responsible for installing George W. Bush to power in the Bush Family Coup of 2,000 by stopping the ballot re-count in Florida just when it appeared Al Gore would move ahead, may be appearing at California State University in San Bernardino this fall or early next year. If his appearance is confirmed, we must organize a massive "Unwelcoming committee" demanding he and the other four step down or face impeachment!

If the rumors about the appearance in San Bernardino of this traitor to both people of African descent and Democracy prove to be true, then thousands should converge on Cal State at San Bernardino demanding the removal of Clarence Thomas and the other four "Felonious Five" from the "Supreme" Court! If these criminals can be successfully removed from office, then it would become far easier to depose Bush and Cheney as well! As soon as a confirmation, either way, is established, it will be posted here. If he is coming, date and time will be posted, along with directions to San Bernardino(about 60 miles east of Los Angeles).

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