Antibiotics in our food

by Practice Disobedience Tuesday, Jun. 19, 2001 at 1:50 PM San Diego

Are your allergies to your food, or caused by your food?

Here is an interesting note for all of those people allergic to penicillin and the whole -cillin family of antibiotics. Do you get headaches frequently or more freuently than when you were a kid? Do you find yourself reacting to more and more as the years go by? Have you suddenly developed allergies? Could be a number of things totally unrelated to the war over our food, or it could be a direct result. I for example am one of those people allergic to all -cillin based antibiotics. I have suddenly started developing all kinds of allergies to foods, plants, and animals that I never had problems with before. Now everyone knows that mothers should not consume certain things during pregnancy or breast feeding because it will be passed along to the child. Dairy cows are pumped full of antibiotics that are passed along in their milk. rGBH alone caused so many infections in cows that the acceptable antibiotic level found in the finished product of milk was raised 1,000 times just to make the milk marketable. This is not safe, but it's good for business. Chickens are also pumped full of penicillin. This is passed along through the eggs and meat. For those of us that are allergic to the antibiotic, it will simulate a food allergy. If you have been experiencing such things, keep an eye out. Most of this was only brought to my attention after I experienced a reaction that was a bit more mild.

Another note for those going to Biodev...if you are allergic to meds, make sure there is some way for an EMT or doctor to know this either by a drugstore alert bracelet or some other clear means.

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