Non-violent means can be just as effective

by frank Thursday, Oct. 26, 2000 at 11:07 AM

non-violent methods to shut down any summit

I know there is a lot of division going on right now between the

"violent" and non-violent camps. I know this may bring about

some anger on part of those of us who have chosen to be

more aggressive in our tactics. I really aplaud the courage of

both sides of this divide. I do believe we have the same goals

at heart. That said though, I believe we could have more

courage in our means. This method is only for those willing to

place their bodies in the way of direct physical damage and

we should expect to have limbs broken. If we want to shut

down a meeting of World Bank officials, etc. all we have to do

is march straight into police lines arms linked without a single

act of violence until either one of two things happens: every

single protester is beaten and bloodied in the streets or the

police lines have collapsed from their inability to maintain the

continuous beatings necessary to keep us at bay. Let's see

media try to explain how 10,000 demonstrators are in the

hospital without a single police injury. Either the building falls to

the protesters or the appalling atrocity necessary to hold the

meetings will galvanize the population. We have to be willing

to die for our cause and believe it or not it takes much more

guts to be beaten continuously then it does to throw a few

rocks and run away to fight again and I believe it will be a

100X more effective. If we are willing to go to these lengths

there is nothing the world that can stop us.

Original: Non-violent means can be just as effective