Flag Burning Hurts the Cause

by Hugh Stegman Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2000 at 2:37 PM

Flag burning = media suicide. Check today's Times. Why give the oligarchy more opportunities to demonize a whole movement?

Personally, I do not care if people burn a damn piece of cloth with some arcane 1700s symbols of independence or something. If they personally hate it as a symbol of all the crap in this country, then that's fine with me. Unfortunately, as a street tactic, it's media suicide.

Look at today's Times. Do 2 million people see brave marchers staring down a rogue police department on its own turf? No. They see one clown burning a flag, and a few other people running around like chickens with their heads off. The text is a little better, if you read it all, but not many people will. They'll just sit there and cluck, there go those street hooligans, burning Our Great Flag again. Cluck, cluck, cluck, and we're fucked.

This is how the sixties ended. We still see that same damn flag burning picture on TV, over and over again, every time the news types need to demonize a generation which ironically is now their own generation. That one fucking picture of that one burning flag practically got us Reagan right there, so he and his supply-side cretins could hand the country over to the rich.

I know there are people who think this country is beyond salvation, that more should be burning than just one of its flags, but this won't happen if a 99% majority see pictures like this and react by demonizing another generation out of semiotic existence.

Please: rage, confrontation, protest, political action, but also media savvy.

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