Take Back the Power

by Wilkins Wednesday, Aug. 09, 2000 at 1:52 PM

Stop the abuse! Take back the power!

Ralph Nader responds to spurillous allegations:

"Why pick on me in terms of wanting to kill off ugly freaks? This is what the AMERICAN PEOPLE want. Across all political lines there is a growing bloodlust for getting rid of the disfigured. Doctors, lawyers, activists, we all want these people dead.

The Green Party, The democrats, Al Gore, Big Labor, the

Environment all support the genocide of the disfigured. Never before have the American People, particularly the left wing, so eagerly supported killing off disabled individuals.

Labor leaders and their mafia backers are flexing their muscle. After they kill off the disfigured, they will move on to bigger political opponents. They view the disfigured as so socially despised, that having government appease them with this genocide is politically advantageous. Soon they will be using similar methods to go after other political enemies. ITALY RULES.

Environmentalists view this as a politically acceptable way to reduce world population. They could never support deaths of Africans, Chinese or any other group, and will shed tears for deaths in any 3rd world nation. But an American Genocide makes much more sense. Americans kill each other so easily, it is a natural.

Corporations also realize the futility of allowing the disfigured to live and are supporting my propaganda campaign whole heartedly.

Bottom line is the disfigured are ugly, uncomfortable and inconvenient. They can't help it. The only way they will fit into society is in a coffin. Or a mass grave. Whatever.

Thank you for your continuing support and all the kind words in my defense. GO GREEN!!!"

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