A Semi-Decent Article from Reuters

by Nat Thursday, Aug. 17, 2000 at 5:10 PM

Article gives fair voice to protest concerns and (gasp!) even offers some of the issues surrounding the protests. Check it out...


Protesters, LA Cops May Face Off in


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - As scattered

protests meandered peacefully through the

streets, furious civil libertarians said they

would ask a federal judge to 'take control'

of the police department after its

iron-fisted response to Monday's protest

violence outside the Democratic

Convention. Tuesday police continued to

maintain a strong presence throughout the

city's downtown district. But protesters,

marching in a variety of demonstrations

espousing everything from animal rights to

bicycle transit to an end to Iraqi

From Reuters News published Wed. Aug. 16, 2000


Original: A Semi-Decent Article from Reuters