Why Protest the Democrats?

by Sabrina Alonso Wednesday, Jun. 07, 2000 at 4:31 AM


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In July thousands will protest the Republican convention in Philadelphia. And in August, thousands more will converge in Los Angeles to protest a party which has deceived and betrayed the American people. There are arguments for not protesting the Democrats, the strongest being the 68 argument. When violent clashes erupted at the democratic convention in Chicago, Nixon was placed into office the following year. Could we really imagine a world with another Bush in office? This is a very real threat. However, there comes a time to face facts.

The harsh reality is that we do not live in true a democracy- but rather a Democracy of illusion, of theatre. It is a democracy for the few, those who have the money and power to buy political campaigns, make contributions, form lobbies, and run the real government that is insidiously eroding our lives. The Democrats and Republicans are running a show, entertaining us all while real decisions are being made behind closed doors. Al Gore, for example has such strong ties to Occidental Petroleum, that he works vigorously to keep the issues of the U

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