Support Genocide - Green Party Convention

by Derg Donlon Monday, Jun. 26, 2000 at 11:38 AM 202-284-2111 20 17th St Washington, DC

Ralph Nader is leading the Green Party charge to increase global justice by eliminating the disfigured in the US.

Ralph Nader, soon to be presidential nominee for the Green Party, has promoted his idea of "population equalization" at the Green Party Convention in session.

"By eliminating the disfigured in America, a population that is of no social or political consequence, we can redistribute more resources to the poor in the 3rd world."

"Why should the US sustain a population that is ugly, incovenient, and just uncomfortable when we can reroute those resources."

"Few things have united the Greens and others for Global justice than disfigured elimination. All who have ever encountered these ugly people have hated them and been repulsed by their visages.

"Gary Graham was good looking. He should not have died, even if he shot a mans leg off and committed dozens of armed robberies. We only should kill people we all can hate. People who are very ugly."

"Remember Seattle, Remember DC, KILL THE FREAKS!!!