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police crimes (tags)

police crimes

Long War Memorial Dedication (tags)

The city of Irvine will be dedicating the US's first and only memorial to ongoing wars 14 Nov 2010. The memorial has space for 8K names of the dead; over half are filled to date. The memorial will be updated yearly, as required for Long War memorials.

Continually updated news on the Greek riots (tags)

The Center For Strategic Anarchy blog is being continually updated with news, images, video, and accounts from solidarity actions around the world. Come get your piping hot Greek riot news:

Mon 6/9 Jeremy Scahill Returns to LA, As So-Cal Continues to Battle Blackwater on Border (tags)

As So-Cal Battles Blackwater Training Facility on Cal-Mex Border, Jeremy Scahill is VISITING LOS ANGELES for talk, discussion, and book signing for the release of the fully updated paperback edition: WHEN: MONDAY, JUNE 9TH AT 7:00 PM WHERE: Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Westminster Chapel 3300 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010 (@Berendo Street, 2 blocks west of Vermont Ave.)

Updated press release-Bob Avakian memoir (tags)

Updated (and corrected) press release

Transform Columbus Day 2003 update (tags)

Updated schedule of events for the Transform Columbus Day action in Denver, Colorado, October 10th - 12th

[pepperface: media analysis eZine and alternative media hub, updated daily] (tags)

[the sniffy "blind empire" underground media hub has moved to its own site at]

nothing is over; underground media hub (tags)

collection of underground anti invasion news sources updated several times daily

National Student Strike TODAY! (tags)

National Student Strike TODAY! Size exceeding organizers’ expectations See the updated list of campuses at: Students across the US will strike or walkout of class today to protest the Bush Administration’s threatened war in Iraq and call for increased funding for education.

Anarchist Timeline updated to 2500 entries (tags)

This is a significant updating, from 1,500 entries to 2500+ Dates & Events

Expanded list of s11 trading scam articles in archive form - updated n8 (tags)

S11 Short Selling Bibliography- Updated and expanded long list of s11 insider trading scam by big investors Last night I posted an article and due using a computer which was acting odd, the post posted vertically. My apologies. I have not only corrected the situation, but have found MANY MORE ARTICLES WITH MORE DETAILS THE TRADING SCAM. I also am not charging for people to view it (as should everyone--it's an ethical duty, since spilling the beans on these assholes may prevent a police state!!!

just got back from O22, some observations+opinon (tags)

A quickie take on the day.

Updated Links to Article on Racism at Twin Cities IndyMedia (tags)

Updated Links to article about racism at Twin Cities IndyMedia.


(UPDATED 11/24) Nixon’s party accepted the 1960 elections, judicail intervention is highly unusually and uncalled for, no evidence of fraud has beeen presented, the Florida election outside of Palm Beach County was fair-- these are but a few of the 13 Myths refuted in this compact, heavily documented factsheet.

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