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News Release - Program Donates School Supplies to Foster Children (tags)

Prudential employees collect school supplies for foster children

Black Hawk Helli's over West covina (tags)

Black Hawk Helli's over West covina

Formal Complaint Filed Against W. Covina Cop for Civil Rights Violations (Cop pushes kid) (tags)

People throughout the country have been threatened, intimidated and arrested for merely videotaping and photographing public servants. It has happened again in southern California: Police pushed a kid down, and thug cops failed at their attempt to intimidate witnesses. Photos can be viewed at the link below.

Local Soldier, Matthew W. Creed, Killed in Iraq (tags)

Army Spc. Matthew Creed, a 2001 Charter Oak High School graduate, was killed by a sniper's bullet in Baghdad while on foot patrol.

Services Set For Local Guard Soldier Killed in Iraq (tags)

Friends, family and guests will share memories of Army Spc. Marcelino R. Corniel in an informal setting between 5 and 9 p.m. Friday in the Church of the Heritage, Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Covina. Graveside services are set for 9 a.m. Saturday at Forest Lawn, 21300 Via Verde Drive, Covina, CA. 91724. For information, call (800) 204-3131.

Local Soldier Killed in Iraq (tags)

Ex-Covina resident among victims of Iraqi copter crash.

Is Edwards' Theaters Cutting F911? (tags)

This letter was in the SGV Trib.

Join A Peace Vigil Near You, They Rock! (tags)

A friend of mine jokingly refers to vigils as "seances." Well, in one way they are seances. We, in the movement, have been working hard lo these past months to lift and remove from power all the zombies now taking up dead space in Washington. THE VIGIL MOVEMENT ROCKS!

All Out To W. Covina On June 30 To Protest Bogus Iraqi "handover of power" (tags)

Evening W. Covina protest vigil Wednesday at 7:00 PM against the Bush regime's bogus "handover of power" to the Iraqis. The puppet government installed by the US will do only Washington's bidding, not the Iraqi people's.

Buck Fush Neighborhood Vigils Connect With Public (tags)

Saturday's Buck Fush Mass Street Vigils distribute loads of truth to a public starved for facts by the corporate controlled media...

Josh Cannole Gets Apology, $20,000 (tags)

200 Support Strikers in West Covina (tags)

An estimated 200 people came to support the picketers at a West Covina Von's on November 8th.

200 W. Covina Strikers Converge on Vons (tags)

Preview photos of strikers at mass rally at Vons in W. Covina. . .

Follow Up Action for Connole (tags)

I'm forwarding this from a NPJ mailing list. Support Connole. THE FBI HAS VIOLATED OUR CIVIL RIGHTS BECAUSE OF OUR POLITICAL VIEWS

The Happiest Man in West Covina (tags)

September 15, 2003 West Covina California ------- Mr. Connole was elevated into the national spot light late last week when federal and local authorities alleged to have linked him to last month’s fire bombing of SUVs in the San Gabriel Valley.

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