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The Sacking of Baghdad (tags)

As the Barbarian Hordes roll in the City is Sacked and Burned. This is a loss that cannot be measured in mere money.

Again (tags)

a poem on the cycle of war

Ashes to Ashes (tags)

A group of 19 members of the ICUJP who had decided to carry out civil disobedience carried urns with names of U.S. atrocities --Iraq, Hiroshima, Afghanistan--and dumped them at the steps of the Federal Building.

zsee a merry kin spare it (tags) (the last third of this 84K file is about the terror attack; the tenor of comment on which I liked at www.indymedia where I have practically lived for months (posts in double digits) but the increase in traffic makes it practically unreachable so I hope yall will welcome me here (not all indy's pipe through the same peep rite?).

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