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Don White March 15 (Second Photo - Resend - Corrected format) (tags)

The second photo in my previous posting came out blank due to a file mismatch. The file has been resaved, and this is its re-submission.

New Resistance Graphic (tags)

A slip of the lip can sink a surprise photo op! Here's a tribute to our "patriotic" media for keeping a tax-financed presidential trip halfway around the world secret until the campaign mission was accomplished. Let's roll!

Priceless! (tags)

Resistance Graphics have returned. I'll be baaa-aaaack.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)


Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

I always wanted to do a propaganda flyer. It's a fun genre.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

Ross Perot always has a chart handy. So do I. This is my chart.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

"Why do they hate us?" Stuff you probably didn't get in history class.

Daily (sort of) Resistance Graphic (tags)

Kitsch 'em all, let dog sort 'em out!

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

Stroll down the memory lane of D2KLA.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

May Day (International Workers' Day) is an ancient Pagan festival, and if that's not good enough, the modern political version was started by anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists. Have a good one!

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

The US Navy actually approved for publication a photo of a bomb with this slogan during the Afghanistan phase of the Empire. That says it all.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

"They change WWII posters, don't they?"

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

Car Sticker #2

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

Car Sticker #1

Daily Resistance Graphic (again) (tags)

Deconstructed Car Sticker #1 (Don't know what happened to the first upload.)

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

Deconstructed Car Sticker #1

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

"he is not intellectually curious, but very decisive, and he receives very narrow right wing advice...."

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

What can I say? WWII posters are the graphic medium of our time.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

The WWII posters just keep on coming.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

The Crusader (yet another hacked WWII poster)

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

His Master's Voice.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

A guy at Sunday's march gave me this idea. I never did get his name, but I thank him for it.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

Tomorrow's Daily Graphic today. The basic idea came from a guy at the A13 demo, but I never got his name. I wanted to get this close to the news articles with the demo photos.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

What will be remembered in 1000 years? That the US right wing finally got its Final Solution or that the cradle of "civilization" was looted? In honor of the Bush family's finally making it onto history's list of great enablers of evil, the second in a series:

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

Another hacked WWII poster, honoring America's #1 serial killer.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

Someone (not me) stuck Bush in the same picture as Mt. Rushmore. Talk about waking the dead.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

I'm running out of humor.

History 101 (with pictures) (tags)

All the best history classes show pictures. Here are some of mine.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

The Pentagon makes its case with purloined (erroneous) grad student research.

Daily Resistance Graphic (tags)

One artist's reaction to THESE COLORS DON'T RUN stickers.

Another Daily Resistance Graphic for A1 (tags)

It's April Fool's Day. Bush deserves to be honored twice.

Daily Resistance Graphic for A1 (tags)

Has George Bush EVER taken a good picture?

Hacked WWII Poster #6 (tags)

The ongoing series that explores the US lapse back into guts n glory semiology.

Hacked WWII Poster #5 (tags)

Let them eat oil..........

Hacked WWII Poster #4 (tags)

Before we had TV news to propagandize a nation, intrepid news photographers exposed milions of feet of 16 and 35mm film with hand-wound Bell & Howell cameras. These little Filmos and Eyemos proved their worth in disinforming the home front for a fraction of today's production costs.

Hacked WWII Poster #3 (tags)

The major difference between war and professional football in the United States, is that people usually get up off the ground in the football. Usually.

Hacked WWII Poster #2 (tags)

Since George II seems determined to re-enact the Reichstag Fire in every detail, I've decided to help establish the proper context.

Hacked WWII Poster #1 (tags)

George II seems determined to re-enact the Reichstag Fire in every detail, so we will help establish the proper context with help from a modified paleo-con slogan about social entitlement.

Operation Desert Stupidity (tags)

Why only burn fossil fuel in your planet-eating SUV? Keep up your unsustainable habits and BECOME a fossil yourself!

Graphic: Dubbya aWol (tags)

A movie I wish they'd make.

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