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Dope smoking, dope dealing mayor (tags)

Dope dealing mayor. Hey Mayor know where I can score a kilo of weed? I wonder if the cops protected him to give him a monopoly in his town.

Screw Job: Veterans and First Amendment Both Get Hit (tags)

With the so-called War on Terrorism setting the tone, police agencies, including new ones in the Homeland Security Department, are trampling on the First Amendment freedom to seek redress of grievances, calling their assault “proactive” measures.

Dean Dumps Debt On Iowa Deli (tags)

West Des Moines, Iowa, January 26, 2004 - They came to town, tried to get your vote and then left for New Hampshire. But one presidential candidate may have left a big bill for a small West Des Moines deli.

Iowa Debate @ Street Level (tags)

Before, during and after the Black & Brown Forum in Des Moines, IO. Featuring Punk Voter Chris #2 from Anti Flag, The Democreation BioDiesil Bus, Kucinich Peace Train Participants and Dennis Kucinich on Drums.

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