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New York Times Publishes Hate Ad (tags)


Cat Graffiti Artist Arrested (tags)

Advertising Free Los Angeles (tags)

In one night, every billboard will be modified or removed, and every digital billboard will disabled, as will every advertisement on buses & trains, including their stops. Every corporate advertisement, big or small, will be changed or removed into something we rather see.

We need another "DAISY GIRL" advertisement to STOP BUSH (tags)

President Bush's Pentagon is now calling for the use of nuclear weapons to attack terrorists. What could be done with a few bullets the Bush administration wants to use nuclear weapons which could kill millions of innocent human beings.

Corporate Child Abuse In The US - Special Screening Today! (tags)

Pigopolist corporations plan public humiliation of children on coast-to-coast TV this Sunday.

Help the truth, help us all. (tags)

This is a publication for the need to publicly expose the truth of 9/11 and the Bush dynasty with an advertisement in all 12 major newspapers. The goal is 100,000, they are at 90,000 with a deadline for publication for the advertisement. Let's help the Truth.

CLASH do Jaguar Advertisement (tags)

Jaguar Motors is using a CLASH song to promote their new line of luxury cars!

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