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Indicibilité d'indécidabilité (tags)

Toute apparence est une menterie...

Indicibilité d'indécidabilité (tags)

Zad partout...

Les gènes de l'environnement (tags)

L'environnement des gènes...

Israeli State Terror Crowd Control Weapons (tags)


FBI Entraps Two More Muslims (tags)


Grenades, gunshots, and Feingold's call for rigthts in Rwanda (tags)

On March 5th, three days after Senator Russ Feingold, Chair of the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Africa, called for the opening of political space in Rwanda, grenades exploded again in Kigali, with 16 people hurt, some critically.

Political activist is arrested wearing terrorist costume (tags)

A lawyer was arrested on a highway overpass wearing an Osama bin Laden Halloween costume and holding a toy gun. The costume included plastic dynamite, grenades, and a replica of an AK-47 assault rifle. Police Chief Ed Googins said. "It just crossed the line."

U.S. Troops die in Iraqi Ambush (tags)

Six U.S. occupation troops killed in two days... hey george, where are those Iraqi weapons of mass destruction you launched this war over?

SOLIDARITY WITH UPRISING IN MEXICO, info, where to get translations (tags)

Information about, where to get translations about, uprising in Mexico by farmers who are protesting the building of an airport on their land. GLOBAL SOLIDARITY!

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