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ICC Investigating Israeli War Crimes (tags)


John Kerry's Anti-Palestinian Agenda (tags)


Dead in the Water Peace Talks (tags)


Netanyahu and Obama Spurn Peace (tags)


Easing Gaza's Siege: Bogus and Unacceptable (tags)

Israel's easing bogus

Irish Free Gaza ship heading toward Gaza coast and... (tags)

"Despite the tears and sobbing at Istanbul's Fatih Mosque on Thursday, many of the people gathered for the activists' funeral called this week a "victory," because it brought international attention to Israel's 3-year blockade of Gaza. Turkey, once Israel's closest Muslim ally in the Middle East, has accused Israel of committing an act of international piracy." and " It has also been reported that the angle of some of the entry wounds indicates that the victims were shot from above. This suggests the Israelis did shoot from the helicopters as the activists have stated and as Israel has denied."

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