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Growing Health Crisis in the Gulf (tags)

criminal negligence at fault

BP and Administration Lies, Deceit and Coverup in the Gulf (tags)

The Gulf is now a crime scene

Goldman Sachs: Master of the Universe (tags)

Don't bet against Goldman

Supreme Court, Inc.: Supremely Pro-Business (tags)

the pro-business Roberts court

Big Oil and its Environmental Record (tags)

Beyond Oil or is it GreenWash, manipulation of the Americans and the election process

RFK, Jr. Blasts Big Oil & Bush-Cheney Gang (tags)

The Bush-Cheney Gang gave the store away in the so-called “Energy Bill.” It granted $4 billion in tax breaks to Big Oil, despite the fact that ExxonMobil had profits of $24 billion last year! Now, environmentalists rallying in Washington, D.C., on 09/20/05, suspect that parts of the pristine Arctic Wildlife Refuge will soon be opened up to oil drilling. At the protest, RFK, Jr., labeled George Bush: “The worst environmental president in U.S. history!”

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