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Black Monday (tags)


IMF: Greek Debt Untenable (tags)


Oil Prices: What Goes Around Comes Around (tags)


Remembering Bob Chapman (tags)


Europe in Disarray (tags)

class war

Libya: Coming Waste, Fraud, and Other Forms of Plunder on a Grand Scale (tags)


Political Washington Fiddles While Rome Burns (tags)

class war

Republican Plan to End, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (tags)

ending vital rights

Wrecking the American Dream (tags)

bipartisan supporting for anti-populism

America Facing Depression and Bankruptcy (tags)

The worst is yet to come

Global economy collapsing along with the world financial system (tags)

Conditions are going to get considerably more difficult for Americans. Chapman says in 2 years 25% to 38% of all Americans will be out of work and living or waiting outside homeless shelters for a place to sleep. Tens of thousands including the elderly or single women and children will be homeless and hungry.

Corruption is common on both sides of the border where cash is king (tags)

A high ranking member of the Caldron administration who want to remain unknown says, “there is corruption in regards to Narco trafficking in both governments and when there is unlimited cash available that cash finds its way to the powers to be and has no borders when it comes to influence.”

Exposing Bush Administration Corruption (tags)

corruption goes right to the top.

Potential Future Hyperinflation (tags)

Potential economic trouble ahead.

The Road to Hell (tags)

It time to share the truth with others, please spread this far and wide...

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