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Phoenix Protest of Arizona's SB 1070 - part 3 of 8 (tags)

Phoenix Protest of Arizona's SB 1070 - part 3 of 8

Indymedia On Air for July 21, 2008 (part 3) (tags)

Indymedia On Air talks to three independent publishers about reading and the future of the book

Truckers – On the Road to Empowerment (tags)

****LAIMC Report Back**** South Gate CA May 8th 2004 Caught in an economic ripsaw of rising prices and no representative voice harbor independent truckers met at a park in South Gate. Approximately two hundred truckers had gathered around an amp and microphone as many in the group came forward to express their thoughts in dealing with the deepening hardship griping their profession.

Sirhan’s Attorney in LA - Audio Part 3 (tags)

12/9/03 Lawrence Teeter, Sirhan Sirhan's attorney spoke at the Onion recently, the attached is part 3 in a 4 part download of the presentation. The IMC extends a special thanks to Justice Vision for audio assistance. Video copies of the event can be obtained at
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LA Federal Build 1/16/03 (tags)

Pics of Die In at 11:00 AM in front of the LA Federal Building. Part 3

Picking Apart ACTA’s Report Demonizing Dissent – Part 3 of 6: Deceptive Move #5 (tags)

Part 3 of an article dissecting ACTA's so-called "report" on campus dissent "Defending Civilization: How Our Universities Are Failing America, and What Can Be Done About It." I begin the process of dissecting the narrative argument of the report. The beginning of the report sets up the basic the framework with a set of 5 illegitimate moves. This part analyzes the last in detail.

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