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White Supremacists tied to human trafficking and a series of unsolved murders (tags)

This is an long but worthwhile article that specifies the link between white supremacist hate groups in the United States, human trafficking and a series of unsolved murders. I hope someone uses this information usefully. I hope this shuts these morons up for good. We all deserve to live in peace without any white supremacists causing any more problems for anyone.

Bob Avakian on Smiley & West (tags)

Hot stuff: Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, interviewed by Cornel West on the Smiley & West Show. Millions of people are going to have a chance to hear Bob Avakian, leader of the movement for revolution and the man whose vision and work holds out the hope and possibility for a whole new world for people all over the globe. This is huge. Get the word out. Organize listening parties with your friends. Embed it, link to it, post it everywhere, download the podcast and popularize it.

Smiley and West Buoy the 99 % at Occupy LA Rally (tags)

Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley address the folks at Occupy LA.

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