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Secret NSA surveillance (tags)

There seems to be alot of buzz in the media on how Bush authorized the use of illegal NSA wire-taps and surveillance for domestic spying to stop terrorism. I thought I'd write an article summarizing how this was used in my case while running a political web site and direct action network

revolutionary hip hop night this weds april 26 in L.A (tags)


Fundraiser at Riverside Community College for Puente this FRIDAY (tags)

Fundraiser for the Puente program at Riverside Community College help xicanos and "latinos" who are trying to raise money to take a college tour of northern california.

'Very Be Careful', Colectivo Error, El Vuh & more this FRI MARCH 3RD TO STOP POLICE TERROR (tags)

Fundraiser to STOP POLICE TERROR IN THE HOOD! FRIDAY, MARCH 3RD in the heart of South Central Los Angeles.

secret NSA surveillance and the case of Sherman Austin from (tags)

Former political prisoner and former webmaster of , Sherman Austin talks about NSA wire-taps and FBI “anti-terrorism” surveillance used against him shortly after 9/11.

Noise of Resistance! Jan 22 , 06 (tags)

Noise of Resistance! Music, Mobilize, Organize, Build, Resist!

Colectivo ERROR - w/ former members of Cuauhtemoc and Sherman from Raise the Fist (listen) (tags)

New project with some of the former members of Cuauhtemoc and Sherman Austin from Raise the Fist. El Colectivo Error (the ERROR Colective) is new noise out of SantaAna / Los Angeles.

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