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Argentinian band May Suyai anticipated World Finantial Crisis in a song in 2004. (tags)

Singer of May Suyai, the Argentinian Jorge Daher, mentioned the current finantial crisis in a song called. "Watch your forehead, hide your hand". When asked about this song and his statement about world´s situation, Daher said that this song is the prelude of events to happen as a consequence to this global chrisis, he also said that when appropriate moment comes, he will explain the lyrics to this song. Daher, who is also a writer, had finished his book "Mijlov y un lejano paraje". When asked about his poor english pronountiation and why he sings in English, he just said. "Message is what it takes, messenger someday will passaway". It seems to be a new master is on his way At the moment, I just can say that Daher, had foreseen this crisis in a time, that Capitalism globalization, and occident cultures were enjoying the day to day growing, and noone could think that currents fact were likely to happen. Carolina Suarez free lance Jornalist Further information May Suyai - home page: song: Watch your forehead hide your hand Argentinian band May Suyai anticipated World Finantial Crisis in a song in 2004.

Song To Welcome Back Culinary Artist, and Plea For Right To Leave USA to Canada (tags)

Recently I was denied entry to Canada via the Vancouver entry point as a result of incorrect documents by the fed and state courts in LA. Now, a friend has returned from surgery and I welcome with a song. At least one good thing remains in the USA

A song for Sherman Austin (tags)

a song for sherman austin. SaberTooth Tiger played sherman's benefit in august at the Che Cafe before he went to prison

With love to Guevara02 (by Latuff) (tags)

Keep strong, my brother. Keep the faith. You are not alone. Good wishes and vibrations are coming from all corners of the world, including Brazil. There is not an everlasting oppression. Palestine will be free.

Gangsta rappers expose the REAL gangstas! (tags)

A great new gangsta rap song available for free download on the web, exposes the real gangstas, U.S. imperialism!

A song called Baghdad n' Basra (tags)

A song, written in a moment when the suffering of the Iraqi people, (in the midst of great, planetary pain) tears open a heart, demanding a response... from raw grief, comes determination, and hope.

green day's anti-war song (tags)

green day did an acoustic anti-war song

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