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Angry He/She Frogs Seek Legal Suit (tags)

According to recent geographical surveys amphibious, hermaphroditic communities are inexplicably on the rise throughout many US states. These strange new creatures are turning up everywhere. On every other lily pad letting rest a mutational multitude of male and female genitalia packed between only two frog legs, and no one at the EPA seems to know why.... For the rest of this article feel free to visit . Thank you & enjoy.

Drunken Ozzy Bites Head Off Genetically Engineered Salmon at White House Dinner (tags)

The White House’s 88th annual Correspondents Association dinner ended unexpectedly this past weekend when widely publicized guest Ozzy Osbourne engaged in a wild geeking competition with Commander in Chief, George www. Bush. The dinner has come to serve as a traditional means for the White House to wine and dine those in the media who’ve been particularly instrumental in making the government look good, or at least better, in the public’s eye. However.... For the rest of this article, feel free to visit or just click on the link included.

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