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FAIR v. Scoundrel Media Misreporting on Venezuela (tags)





Fuertes críticas ha generado el obispo Fernando Lugo con su decisión de otorgar otorgar a una ONG dinero del estado para subsidiar sésamo.

¿A Quién Visita Rafael Correa? (tags)

Hasta donde se sabe, el presidente ecuatoriano Rafael Correa mantiene una línea anti-imperialista y sumamente crítica con el gobierno imperial de Washington. Entonces, ¿qué hace visitando a Fernando Lugo?

Venezuela: ¿Vía constitucional al socialismo? (tags)

En medio del frenesí de la victoria electoral presidencial, en diciembre de 2006, el gobierno venezolano había decidido reformar la Constitución. Según el mismo Chávez, esta reforma tenía por objeto «profundizar la revolución bolivariana». Para Chávez es indispensable deshacer los nudos que «nos impiden superar los obstáculos que tiene esta Constitución» - ¡la misma que él hizo adoptar en 1999! - «y en los hechos, para dotarnos de una nueva herramienta que permita adelantar y profundizar los cambios» (1).

Venezuela: another coupe in the works? (tags)

On Monday, November 5th, the campaign for the constitutional reform referendum in Venezuela was stepped up with the call by retired general Baduel for a NO vote. General Baduel was a close collaborator of Chávez and remained loyal to him during the April 2002 military coup which briefly ousted him. In July of this year he resigned from his position as Defence Minister and retired from active military office. His attacks on the constitutional reform are part of a concerted campaign by the ruling class to prevent it from being approved in a referendum which will take place on December 2nd. The amendments to the 1999 Venezuelan revolution were announced by Chávez after his election victory in December 2006 with the stated aim of bringing the Constitution into line with "Socialism of the 21st century". They were then formally proposed by Chávez in July, discussed throughout the country and passed with a whole series of modifications and additions by the National Assembly on November 2nd.

Sobre la disciplina revolucionaria y el "centralismo democrático realmente existente& (tags)

Debate sobre el proceso de conformación del Psuv en Venezuela

The Record of the Newspaper of Record (tags)

Exposing the New York Times' shameless reporting on Venezuela.

Venezuela's RCTV Acts of Sedition (tags)

Hugo Chavez within the law acting against a flagrant media lawbreaker.

Bolivarian revolution takes steps against capitalism expropiating factories-landed states (tags)

Bolivarian Revolution

The Marxists in the World Youth Festival (tags)

Bolivarian Revolution

Chavez reiterates the call to arm the people (tags)

solidarity with the Venezuelan Revolution

venezuala's press power (tags)

by maurice lemoine sept 11 2002

Venezuela's press power abuse (tags)

This is an outstanding and well-documented analysis of the role that the private corporate capitalist media played in orchestrating the April 2002 coup against the democratically- elected Venezuelan government which is led by Hugo Chavez.

Committee to Protect Journalists is a Fraud (tags)

I hope everyone reads this...

Open Letter To Committee to Protect Journalists (tags)

I write to inform you of specific acts and immediate threats against journalists in Venezuela, and to ask you 12 questions, as a journalist, about your organization's previous statements regarding press freedom issues in that country. I hope that your organization will take immediate action to defend these journalists at risk, and that you will offer full and honest answers to the 12 questions.

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