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A War is a War is a War and It Ain't Gonna Be Cheap (tags)

If you ask liberal talking heads like Ed Schultz and other Nattering Nabobs of Progressivism, who would support Dick Cheney if he was a Democrat, they'll tell you, "Well, this is a cheaper war, a Democrat war and besides, it's not a war."

Bush Daddy Prophecy (tags)

To be a King or some other damn thing.

Bush Daddy Spam (tags)

Stupid postulations about and by morons.

Bush Daddy Arguement (tags)

It's another trick!

Bush Daddy Crime Report (tags)

The power of lawlessness grows!

Bush Daddy Village (tags)

It took a Serpent (132033)!

Bush Daddy Looks Under His Skirt (tags)

Why that's proud John Dryden!

Bush Daddy Worm (tags)

There's worms in the works!

Bush Daddy Religion (tags)

It's stupidity!

Bush Daddy Country (tags)

It spread like a "Serpent"!

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