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They Try To Figure Out Humans (tags)

They want humans to be robots. If they are human, they drug them.

Netanyahu or Israel can’t deliver peace. (tags)

It will have to be imposed on them from outside.

Israel will now have, under Lieberman, an openly fascist and racist state. (tags)

In these elections, Israel has completed the transformation into an apartheid state with an apartheid racist political system.

Bush admin. disconnected from reality (tags)

What they mean is that no one but the United States can invade other nations. This has to be insanity, this is dosconnected from all reality.

Silencing is my policy - lieing is my protocol (tags)

There are no Human Rights in a Law State.

See What Happens When You Give the State All Your Money? (tags)

The Stae has too much power and too much of our productive money.

Newspapers and Society (tags)

A look at who reads what. And what that says about them.

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