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it appears

KPFK's LSB meeting to attend and be part of the vocal community too (tags)

IMC Trolls Posting Bogus Pharmaceutical Ads Again (tags)

It appears that IMC trolls or outside observers are attempting to clog the website again with useless advertisements for British pharmaceutical products.

Victoria Indymedia Facing Shutdown in Hostile takeover (tags)

Vic-IMC's server is being shut down by its host in Vancouver. The collective is unsure why this decision was made, and how it will be implemented. It appears to be the decision of a former member of Vancouver-IMC.

PACIFICA UPDATE: Forcible Seizure of WBAI (tags)

Very late last night (D22), while most people with lives were partying, the Pacifica National Board siezed WBAI in New York. A program in progress was stopped by an on-air diatribe by the "new" boss. It appears the Pacifica crisis has escalated once again.

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