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FEMA Knew the Dangers to Older Citizens during Major Disasters At least six people have (tags)

FEMA trains and finances first respondents across the country the very people who should know. Fema either knew or should have known the dangers and should have taken appropriate life saving action.

Save Keiro Elder Care (tags)

Here's a 400-word summary about the situation with Keiro nursing home and retirement home.

National House Race: Ohio 16th: A Democrat Runs Against A Repubican Nursing Home Profiitee (tags)

In Ohio, a congressional race pits a Democrat against a Republican sued many times over appalling conditions at his nursing home chain and other business ventures.


DE GRUY & ASSOCIATES LAUNCHES THE PATIENT ADVOCACY EXCHANGE (September 24, 2012) ->> Statistics show that 9 out of 10 hospital/medical bills are incorrect in excess on the average of $1,300, patients are in some cases paying more than their share. And meanwhile, patients are falling out of their beds and battling bedsores or physical abuse or records are not always accurate and traceable. At home, some find it difficult to keep up with their treatments, take their medication properly, and lose track of doctor’s appointments. And patients in nursing homes aren’t being monitored by their families.

Don't these government nannies have any real criminals to hunt down???? (tags)

Prudish nurses ask Attorney General to shut do the “Heart Attack Grill” which is a hamburger joint that has waitresses dressed in skimpy nurse uniforms.

BTL:Shortage of Nurses in U.S. Connected to Cost-Cutting, Restructuring and... (tags)

...Disrespect ~ Interview with Suzanne Gordon, author and journalist, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

Pomona RNs demand Union recognition (tags)

Last September the nursing staff at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center held a union election and won by 120 votes! Management filed frivolous election objections and hasn't begun bargaining in good faith. The nurses are fighting back!

Demonstrate Your Support For Women Prisoners! (tags)

Saturday APRIL 27th, 1pm Demonstration against the health crisis at Central California Women's Facility!

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