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BTL:U.S. Navy Leaves Vieques Bombing Range; Activists Now Focus on Cleanup of... (tags)

...Navy's Toxic Legacy. Robert Rabin, of Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, interview conducted by Between the Lines' Denise Manzari.

First North Korea, now Vieques! (tags)

This is a fine mess you've gotten us into this time, Ollie.

Vieques residents alarmed by depleted uranium reports (tags)

US presence in Puerto Rico is a long running sore by Carmelo Ruiz-merrero

Flashpoints Radio July 11: Inglewood videographer arrested; Jenin hit again; mo (tags)

KPFA Flashpoints Radio July 11, 2002: -Inglewood cop videographer arrested/ live screaming audio, Robert Knight report (4 min) -Vieques protests continue under charges Vieques crew helped Venezualan coup attempt (16 min) -ISM Cleva Butterly from Jenin where crazed Israelis open fire on marketplace once again, hitting a ten year old and two journalists (18 min) -Network Against Disinformation (NAD) action tomorrow Friday, noon, at the SF Chronicle building at 901 Mission Street cross street Fifth... PLEASE SHOW UP! -end of show (12 min

Today's Voice: Scalia Expresses Disdain for the Constitution (tags)

The Media tells us what is wrong with the world; Voice4change will tell you what to do about it! Our member organizations are busy organizing, so we want to bring their message to you. Our affiliates are doing great work every day. They need your support…We will be their link to you. Sign on to

Changed Political Climate Affects Struggle to Stop Navy Bombing Exercises... (tags)

Robert Rabin is with the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques. He spoke with Between The Lines' Denise Manzari about the changing political climate in the wake of the terror assaults, that could allow the Navy base to remain on Vieques indefinitely.

Protest Actions Planned for Vieques as Navy Prepares for... (tags)

Robert Rabin is with the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques. He spoke with Between The Lines' Denise Manzari about his group's determination and strategy to end the 60-year U.S. military presence on Vieques(A RealAudio Version of this interview may be found At

George www. Bush throws Vieques an imaginary bone (tags)

For the rest of this horribly intriguing report you must go, right now, to or else click on the address below and find the report on the Savior Ass homepage. Thank you and fuck the Navy.

Virtual Sit-In for Vieques, Wed. June 13th! (tags)

On Wednesday, June 13th, 2001, beginning at 9am EST and continuing for 24 hours, join the Virtual Sit-In for Vieques at


GUTIERREZ TESTIFIES BEFORE CONGRESSIONAL PANEL ON NAVY'S MISTREATMENT OF PEACEFUL PROTESTORS ON VIEQUES Congressional Hispanic Caucus conducts hearings on abuse of demonstrators Navy representative admits that video tapes show Congressman cooperating with police, not resisting arrest

Puerto Rican Activists Resist Resumption of U.S. Bombing on Vieques (tags)

In November, the residents of Vieques expect to vote in a referendum on whether to oust the U.S. Navy in 2003 or let it remain in return for $35 million in improved housing and infrastructure. Marian Ramirez of Alert and Ready Citizens of Mayaguez with Vieques spoke with Between The Lines' Denise Manzari.

Vieques Protestor (tags)

check out this picture, wow! this guy was at the top of the statue of liberty protesting the Vieques invasion.. ok, so i borrowed the photo from CNN, but its still a great says in the cnn article that 3 media activists that videotaped the event got arrested, I wish I could see the footage...z

Tense negotiation on Vieques march (tags)

In a tense negotiation, the leader of the Vieques march discusses whether it is safe for the demonstrators to go into the Staples Center area Thursday night. With him and the policeman is a mediator from the Department of Justice.

Vieques protestors carry Puerto Rican flag (tags)

At a march against the U.S. military's bombing of the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico Thursday, demonstrators carried a huge Puerto Rican flag.

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