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The World Can’t Wait--Drive Out the Bush Regime (tags)

Today, The World Can’t Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime organization placed a full page ad in The New York Times calling for George Bush to step down from office, and take his program with him. Similar calls for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, or Dick Cheney have appeared, but this is the first time an organization has run an ad in a national media outlet calling for the removal of the entire Bush regime and their program from power.


Students walked out of their classes at Saddleback Community College today to support The World Can’t Wait Drive Out the Bush Regime campaign. Though not a large demonstration, with a maximum of 50 students at one time, it demonstrated that there is solidarity within this community and within this nation.

November 2nd World Can't Wait (tags)

On November 2nd, in over 60 cities across the country including high schools and colleges in many of these cities, The World Can’t Wait Drive Out the Bush Regime launches the first national movement in American history dedicated to driving a sitting president out of office.

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