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Keystone XL Pipeline: Down but not Out (tags)


PLAN SANTA BARBARA: Is It Really Adapting In Today’s Fast Changing Environment? (tags)

Some Thoughts Regarding Item 8. For Agenda of August 10, 2010

Free "Plan B: 4.0. Mobilizing to Save Civilization" (tags)

PRAISE FOR THE PLAN B SERIES "A great blueprint for combatting climate change." —Brian Walsh, Time “[Brown’s] ability to make a complicated subject accessible to the general reader is remarkable...” —Katherine Salant,

Plan B: Rescuing a Planet under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble (tags)

A human future begins when we respect nature as mother and partner, share and redefine work, security, strength and health and abandon the hubris of empire and corporate profit worship. In every house there are keys to fight climate change

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