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L.A. P.D. Undercovers @ Nazi Rally (tags)

Photos taken on 4/17/2010 of L.A. P.D. undercovers at the Nazi Rally. In total there were about 15 undercovers working the crowd throughout the event.

Camcorder Owners: Take to the L.A. Streets! (tags)

Media Alliance, a San Francisco Bay Area media activist organization, sent out a "call to action" today for grassroots video coverage of police civil rights violations against non-violent protesters at the Democratic Convention. "In the age of Rodney King and the Ramparts scandal, police misconduct can and will be documented and televised," said Andrea Buffa, Media Alliance’s executive director.

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LAPD Can't Pull Fast One on This Veteran Agitator (tags)

State Sen. Tom Hayden has been clubbed, gassed and beaten up at a Democratic national convention. He has been arrested, tried and wrongly convicted of fomenting a riot. So when the California Highway Patrol requests $1 million in convention "security equipment" for the L.A. Police Department, his antenna shoots up.

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