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As Police in Los Angeles swarm non-violent protestors and violate their first amendment rights, Prisoner's in Philadelphia face years in prison and thousands in fines.

Camcorder Owners: Take to the L.A. Streets! (tags)

Media Alliance, a San Francisco Bay Area media activist organization, sent out a "call to action" today for grassroots video coverage of police civil rights violations against non-violent protesters at the Democratic Convention. "In the age of Rodney King and the Ramparts scandal, police misconduct can and will be documented and televised," said Andrea Buffa, Media Alliance’s executive director.

GOP Convention Protest (tags)

Half hour radio news program with Barbara DiTullio of Pennsylvania NOW, an organizer for the July 30th Unity 2000 march for economic and social justice, discussing the multi-issue coalition ; Matthew Ruben, of the Philadelphia Direct Action Group, on why so many activists are willing to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience; Galen Tyler, with the Kensington Welfare Rights Union, on the group's July 31st March

Are you coming to Belltown? (tags)

Call to Action for Domestic & Global Justice (tags)

Challenge the Democratic and Republican parties this summer in Philadelphia and Los Angeles! Now is the time to take action for domestic and global justice!

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