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Jail torture trick (tags)

Known to all guards in all jails.

dirty American laundry (tags)

Human rights in the land of opportunity.

Bamby Salcedo's speech on Victoria Arellano (tags)

English Transcript of the speech that Bamby Salcedo gave at the vigil.

Oaxaca under marshal law (tags)

The city of Oaxaca lives now under marshall law; civil guarantees and human rights are practically nonexistent.

Reform of L..A. County Jails is Needed (tags)

Jail task force urges jail reform and preparation for former inmates to be released into society.

Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in Calif (tags)

Hundreds of Iranian citizens were in southern California jails on Weds after coming forward to comply with a new rule to register with immigration only to wind up handcuffed and behind bars.

92 martyrs in deathfast (tags)

We have the 92nd martyr in the resistance against the isolation of the imperialists and fascists.

ACLU spokesperson denies mistreatment is occuring in Philadelphia jails. (tags)

Mr. Presser of the PA ACLU has stated to the media that protesters held in Philadelphia jails are complaining of abuse. Earlier he went on TV to say the police had not engaged in brutality. Who does Presser really work for? Why does he ignroe reports by the national ACLU and by independent media?

Urgent Appeal for Legal Funds (tags)

Activists who came out to the Philly streets to make their voices heard, to demand a response to the issues of police brutality, the criminal injustice system, and the brutal effects of corporate globalization are being met with inhumane and torturous conditions in Philly jails and prisons.

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