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Obama's Berlin Moment (tags)


Between Austerity Mania and Megalomania (tags)

The more capitalism invokes its rationality, the more irrational it seems to be. Fewer and fewer persons handle more and more tasks. This savings mania was forced to the detriment of quality controls. The economy should be a part of life, not a steamroller crushing self-determination

Iran/Contra-Iraq/Saudi (tags)

Same old, same old

Israeli Military Hides Report Confirming Expanded Settlements (tags)

Israeli Military Hides Report Confirming Expanded Settlements The Israeli newspaper Haaretz is reporting that the Israeli military is withholding the release of a secret study that confirms there has been rampant illegal new construction in dozens of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Some of the expanded settlements has occurred on privately owned Palestinian land. Security sources familiar with the study described the study as "political and diplomatic dynamite." Sources in the Israeli military said the report is not being made public in order to avoid a crisis with the U.S. government.

On the Expanded Security Concept (tags)

As the term social security contributed to undergirding public security against private life risks as a legal claim of individuals visavis society, the new international securiity discourse upgrades civil conflict resolution.

Outsourcing torture (tags)

There is a detailed accounting of the "rendition" program of the US government in the New Yorker for the Feb 14 issue.

Get Rid of Bush & What do you Have in Clark? (tags)

His job is to guarantee Bush Junior gets reelected. His job is to see that no viable Democratic candidate survives the primaries. His job, should he miraculously get elected over Bush, is to then run, execute, implement the American-led Empire precisely as George Bush Junior would have done.

Expanded list of s11 trading scam articles in archive form - updated n8 (tags)

S11 Short Selling Bibliography- Updated and expanded long list of s11 insider trading scam by big investors Last night I posted an article and due using a computer which was acting odd, the post posted vertically. My apologies. I have not only corrected the situation, but have found MANY MORE ARTICLES WITH MORE DETAILS THE TRADING SCAM. I also am not charging for people to view it (as should everyone--it's an ethical duty, since spilling the beans on these assholes may prevent a police state!!!

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