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The Dislocation of Homo Oeconomicus (tags)

"Students rate the teachers and demand a very specific kind of knowledge from them: it should be measurable, packaged and practical and cannot contain any uncertainties. Experimenting or thinking is not desired. There is a relation between service-provider and customer..."

Asset Distribution and the Financial Crisis (tags)

A perverse system arose out of the interaction of deregulation of the financial system and polarization of asset distribution. A reform of the financial system can only be part of the repair of the system. When wages grow again with productivity, an economic balance will be possible

Armitage is the Leaker, not the Story: Black Ops and War Lies (tags)

The corporate media have focused on the outing of Plame but are ignoring the real story: why was the administration so focused and intent upon destroying Plame and her ambassador husband? The answer leads to a dark crime of lies and black ops aimed at promoting a pointless war in Iraq at all costs.

The Lessons of Spain (tags)


Italian police planted petrol bombs on G8 summit protesters (tags)

What a surprise!


Another mistake for Italian prime minister

More to do on the G8 aftermath folks! (tags)

Can't leave this alone. Fascism has come out from under the rug. This needs follow-up, Americans. Berlusconi, extreme right-wing media monopolist and Italian Prime Minister would love us to not notice it. Help out.

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