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national recovery administration

Lessons from the First New Deal for the Next One (tags)

Learning from Roosevelt: HIs "New Deal" (tags)

The Civilian Conservation Corps helped overcome the basic pessimistic mood in society. Within a few months, 500,000 young persons had hope again. The government should intervene in case of an economic emergency.

In the Blockade Trap (tags)

Barack Obama must stimulate the economy with state spending. The astonishing example of Europe could convince republicans who in the past blocked everything... The monetary policy of a central bank cannot replace fiscal policy,

Debt Ceiling Roulette (tags)

class war

More on Obama's Capitulation and Betrayal (tags)

capitulating to Republicans

FDR's New Deal v. Obamanomics in Their First 100 Days (tags)

stark mirror opposites

Bill for Confiscation (tags)

Bill for Confiscation of Firearms H.R.2403

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