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VIDEO: Tobin Tax on Bankers (tags)

The powerful new coalition of domestic and overseas charities, unions and church groups argue that a Robin Hood tax could generate $700bn (£450bn) worldwide. The tax would see 0.05% levied on each bank trade.

"Spinning" the U.S. Passport (tags)

The Public Relations arm of the U.S. government takes a "stab" at your travel documents.

New dangers and tasks for the new peace movement (tags)

We are living in exceedingly dangerous times. A decade ago, few of us expected this turn of events. With the end of the nuclear standoff between the United States and Soviet Union, millions of people felt enormous relief, believing that the nuclear arms race was giving way to a new era of peace.

California at a Crossroad? (tags)

There are many economic indications that the U.S.A. Titanic may be on the brink of sinking. Will California go down with it, or is it time for us in Cali to break away and become a lifeboat?

LAPD -- dangerous 'weapons' (tags)

LAPD photo of 'weapons' found in protest site Aug. 14. Here we have two deadly weapons -- a bottle with an 'unknown'liquid (could it be water?) and a bottle of urine supposedly meant to toss at the cops. Why would anyone want to toss piss in a PLASTIC bottle. Could it be that someone just had to pee and used an empty water bottle. Gee, I wonder why they didn't think to take it out with them when they were chased out of the protest site?

Soros, cigs, hemp and Shadow Convention (tags)

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