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socialist appeal

2 of the Miami Five have Birthdays in August and Appeals Case Update (tags)

Jailed for Fighting Terrorism

Labor must take the road of class struggle! (tags)

A Working Class Emancipation labor bulletin

The Nationalisation of VENEPAL: What does it signify? (tags)

Hands Off Venezuela Campaign

On the Second Anniversary of the Defeat of the Coup in Venezuela (tags)

US War against Venezuela

Venezuelan Group to file Court cases against U.S.Ambassador Charles Shapiro (tags)

CIA involvement in Venezuela

Historic congress of Pakistan Marxists (tags)

For pictures of the congress,Esteban Volkov(Leon Trotsky's grandson)Alan Woods and memorial go to website,click on article they are within it and below.

Marxism or Nationalism-For a Class Policy! (tags)

Marxism or Nationalism

Socialism:the only way out of the bloodshed in Israel-Palestine (tags)



the elections

British Unions shift to the Left (tags)

Labor on the March to the Left

Class War heats up in the USA (tags)

Class War

Vandals of the 21st Century (tags)

Irag War

Manifetso on the Imperialist War against Irag (tags)


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