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Review of End Times (tags)

The dismal state of the corporate print media.

Patrick Stewart Will Have His Revenge on Cyber Collectivism (tags)


Recipe for Terror (tags)

"He also told me that he found U.S. troops covered in plastic bags in remote desert areas and he filmed them for a TV program. We are pretty sure that the American forces had killed Mazen knowingly to prevent him from airing his finding."

The staged rescue of Private Jessica Lynch (tags)

The Correspondent team had gone back to Nasiriyah to interview eyewitnesses on events and found an entirely different story. Doctors insisted that far from being ill treated Lynch had received the best treatment possible. Assigned to the only specialist bed in the hospital, and one of only two nurses on the floor, medical staff had even given blood to help her due to a shortage.

Vandals of the 21st Century (tags)

Irag War

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