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Question And Answer From Geral (tags)

This post could be an eye opener.

fbi are assassins, torturers & blackmailers (tags)

Now the public may discover the murderous corruption of the fbi.

Indymedia groups are often controlled by fbi assassins (tags)

The fbi/cia/mi6,et al, now seek to control or destroy many Indymedia groups in order to suppress evidence of global atrocities.

Evidence of the insanity of the fbi (tags)

See my report that tends to illuminate the insanity of the fbi.

Amerika Is Dead (tags)

Amerika Is Dead, see the evidence

to all USA citizens & residents (tags)

See my reports on the freefall of USA.

fbi operative admits to cyberstalking (tags)

Journey if you will into the sick criminal minds of fbi/cia homicidal sociopaths & operatives by reading their comments and threats to this Target.For example see comments by assassin J. Robert Upton (the living dead) at the following links:


See report on the need to stop the global crime spree by fbi/cia assassins.

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