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Destroying Public Education in Chicago (tags)


Rahm Emanuel's Privatize Chicago Plan (tags)

class war

Labor Radicalism Alive & Well in U.S., Smith Says (tags)

Author and activist Sharon Smith came to San Diego to speak to Occupy San Diego's Labor Solidarity Committee, the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and other community members September 1, but it was her unannounced co-speaker -- a teachers' union activist from Chicago identified only as Becca -- who galvanized the crowd. Smith used the Chicago teachers' union struggle as an example that radical labor activism in the U.S. is alive and well despite decades of repression from the ruling class.

Rahm Emanuel: Chicago's War Criminal/Anti-Labor Mayor (tags)


Waging War on Chicago Workers (tags)

labor struggles

Chicago's Mayoral Election: Rahm Emanuel's Eligibility At Issue (tags)

city politics

Obama's New Chief of Staff and Economic Team (tags)

Wall Street dominated

From "Hizzhonor" to Dishonor (tags)

Rahm Emanuel will likely enter Chicago mayoral race

"Hizzhonor:" Chicago Politics Under Richard M. Daley (tags)

last of the big city bosses

Obama Mania (tags)

A reality check.

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