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Sham Peace Talks Continue (tags)


Israeli Elections (tags)


Washington Post Supports Israeli Settlements (tags)


Mad Dog Leaders Threaten Humanity (tags)


Israel Assaults Freedom Waves to Gaza Activists (tags)


Palestine's Rocky Road to Statehood (tags)


A Bribe too Good to Refuse (tags)

Obama offering weapons for peace

Fascist Rule in Israel (tags)

Israel lurches to the right.

Poll Reveals Zionist/Neo-Con Groups Unrepresentative (tags)

It is Antisemitic to claim to speak for 'the Jews' when, in fact, you speak AGAINST them.

CONFIRMATION: Captured IDF Were Inside Lebanon (tags)

Twice in one month, the Olmert Government has been caught LYING you into war, Israel. First, with the phony, exposed "investigation" into the shelling of a Palestinian family on a Gaza beach, and now this.

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