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The war cannot be won (tags)

NATO has propped up dictatorships in its own sphere of influence. It has covered up or condoned wars in which crimes against humanity have been committed. What is happening right now because of Russia has not changed my opinion about NATO there.

Duterte's Strike Against the US Empire (tags)

Commentary on western news media's demonizing of President Duterte and the rub-out of history of US imperialism.

G-7 Leaders Stay Tough on Russia (tags)


Blessed Are the Peacemakers (tags)


Mission Creep in Iraq (tags)


Reinventing Vietnam War History (tags)


China Calls for De-Americanizing (tags)


Overreach: America's Imperial Waterloo? (tags)


A Decade of US War Costs (tags)


America's Terminal Decline (tags)


Remember Libya: One of History's Terror Bombing Victims (tags)


Western Aggression on Libya (tags)

naked aggression

America's Dirty Secret: AfPak War Not Winnable (tags)

an unwinnable war

America's Permanent War Agenda (tags)

permanent wars for permanent peace

American Genocides: Is Haiti Next? (tags)

Planned genocide may now be ongoing

Remember Gaza - One of History's Terror Bombing Victims (tags)

a historical account

The October Surprise - Global Panic (tags)

It's not over.

"Many in the US military think Bush and Cheney are out of control" (tags)

The Gulf states do not like Shia Iran, but they export oil, which makes them rich. They are dependent on peace, not war.

jorge slobbering over nukes (tags)

the stupid fundamentalist freak and nwo toady jorge bush arbusto is getting ready to use the nukes in an attempt to extricate himself and his cronies from public demands for an accounting....

Middle East Madness (tags)

The enormous risks of a widened war in the Middle East

Iraq Progress Report (tags)

The real conditions on the ground in Iraq

Review of End Times (tags)

The dismal state of the corporate print media.

Omissions in the Iraq Study Group Report (tags)

Omissions in the ISG Report are more important than what's in it.

The End of the Bush Dynasty (tags)

How George Bush hastened the demise of the Bush family political dynasty.

The US Empire Versus Reality (tags)

The real danger confronting any nation, especially the US, is the belief that it is strong when it is not and maintaining a faith in the power of weapons and technology when they are wholly irrelevant-or even defective. This was surely the moral of the Vietnam War.

Kerry vs. Kerry-lite (tags)

As for Iraq, if Kerry has a problem with Bush, it's that he didn't drag France, Germany and Russia into the war, preferring to strike a grabby, it's all mine, pose, rather than the "let's divide up the loot" approach the Democrats favor. Apparently, a gang rape is better than a rape carried out by a lone assailant, which, I gather, would make a gang rapist a rapist-lite, and therefore more worthy of our backing than a rapist who goes it alone. But, for the record, Washington hasn't gone it alone in Iraq, managing to cobble together a coalition, though one lacking France, Germany and Russia, whose backing, in some perverted twist of reasoning, is supposed to have invested the rape of Iraq with legitimacy. Apparently, if you can lure other renowned rapists into a gang rape, it gives the whole sordid affair moral weight.

Democratic Party History: a Revealing Rap Sheet (tags)

A history of the Democratic Party's role in co-opting and diverting independent political movements, while advancing the agenda of the global capitalist police state. This and similar pieces can be found at

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