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Paraphysique du fanatisme (tags)

L'information de nos conditionnements...

Israel, our very worst ally, ever? (tags)

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Whale slaughter in Southern Oceans (tags)

Why is a Northern Hemisphere nation, JAPAN, permitted to flagrantly slaughter whales in Southern Hemisphere waters? Perhaps widespread inaction in the face of blatant Japanese smugness, arrogance, contempt for the environment, the International Whaling Commission and other nations is related to the world’s toleration of criminal wars resulting in hundreds of thousands of innocent human casualties! What chance do whales have if innocent HUMAN BEINGS are treated as expendable?

Diverse Political Views Unite in Opposition to Bush Policies and Wars (tags)

Conservative Christian anti-NWO activist and radio talk show host , Alex Jones, Meets with World Can't Wait's Sunsara Taylor to DIscuss Taking Back America from the Bush Regime

A War Built on Fictions (tags)

"Iraq's weapons of mass destruction are far less than a fact. And what is less than a fact is a fiction. There has been a lot of fiction in the rush to war that followed 9-11."

By grace of God (tags)

It's an established fact

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