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On the Financial Crisis in the 20:80 Society (tags)

The question is how we deal with the 20:80 society, not whether the 20:80 society is coming because the development is irreversible. In the long-term, work will disappear.. Jobless growth has become the normal condition.The end of work can be a great leap for humanity.

Criticism of the Social State is Irrational (tags)

"Paul A Samuelson, an important economist of the 20th century, worries about the state of the US economy. He fears falling wages..`We in the US are on the way to a plutocratic democracy. Neither Bush nor Kerry can stop outsourcing'."


(In case you happen to be in SF . . . come protest Dick Cheney with us!)

Henry Kissinger / War Criminal in SF (tags)

War Criminal comes home to ROAST!

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