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Gov. proposes cutting ALL HIV Services (tags)

In addition to draconian cuts to education, CalWorks, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Healthy Families, we can anticipate a fight about the actual necessity of HIV services in California. Is this the real world?

David's Daily, Day Journal Of A Freelance Reporter, "Signs Of Hope" (tags)

I spent the latter half of the week, in a numbed state of anger, fear, uncertainty and a compelling urge to get involved, get active, and try and put my slim, frail shoulders to the wheel of a stuck wagon, mired in sinking in mud, in the hopes that my meager efforts might somehow help all we face today. I am sure, nearly all other Americans, and indeed, even international citizens, feel exactly the same way, or nearly the same way, these past few days.

Las licencias del engaño (tags)

Dichos documentos se ofrecen a inmigrantes que, desesperados por no tener una licencia de manejo válida, buscan cualquier alternativa que les ayude a evitar problemas con la ley en caso de verse envueltos en un accidente o ser detenidos por una infracción de tránsito. Mediante trucos publicitarios diversos negocios ofrecen las licencias internacionales de manejo como una solución para este creciente sector de la población.

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