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U.S. Catholic Bishops “See No Evil” in the War Party (tags)

The Bush-Cheney Gang has been running the country into the ground the last seven years, while creating a framework for a fascist police state. It has also slaughtered 1.2 million Iraqis and sent 3,867 of our finest sons and daughters to a early grave in an illegal and immoral war. But, you wouldn’t know it from any of the results of the annual conference of U.S. Catholic Bishops. To them, abortion is the greatest evil facing Mankind! Go figure!

The Cardinal and the Bondi Boy (tags)

Just prior to the appointment of Ratzinger to Pontiff, I happened to cross the path of Cardinal George Pell in Pitt Street, Sydney, early one evening. I couldn’t help (politely) inquiring of him whether he was a man of God. He responded, much to my amazement, “I don’t know about, ‘man of God’, I am a Catholic Priest!” Regardless of anything previously stated by various commentators, his answer to me was forthright, candid and accurate (by his own admission). I was somewhat disarmed by his candour and manner, which was in contrast to his bearing and physical stature, he is a huge man around 6’ 5”, I would guess.

Urgent Haiti Action (tags)

Joined by community-based activists to mark the one year anniversary of the US backed coup and occupation of Haiti, Congresswoman Maxine Waters spoke at a Press Conference to express her concerns and outrage at the continued human rights abuses in Haiti and to demand the return of democracy to Haiti.

Sept. Mexican Independence Day Art Exhibit (tags)

The ARTINO Arts Group of Los Angeles present a Group Exhibit celebrating Mexican Independence Day.

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