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Farm Animals And Covid-19 (tags)

We know that animals are murdered for human appetite, tortured in laboratory research. As pets or watchdogs kept outside they freeze in winter and bake in summer. There is a new area involving them

,000 Reward to Catch My Child's Killers (tags)

Community action is requested, anyone can help. First read the ebook and then follow your hearts and catch the people who killed some innocent people and nearly the author too. How are they getting away with this?

Bayan Muna protests against China’s excursions in Scarborough Shoal (tags)

The progressive party-list Bayan Muna is protesting against China’s excursions in Panatag or Scarborough Shoal saying that China should order its vessels to leave the area and stop harassing Filipino fishermen.

Looting the Seas (tags)


Depleting the Seas of Fish (tags)


two wheels standing up for rights (tags)

Things to do after being snubbed by a car

Obama Needs a Bug Vacuum (tags)

There is a better way to deal with insects. Various companies make a science toy called the Bug Vacuum. (The one I've been using is made by a company called Summit, which I bought at a school supply store .) It sucks insects into a transparent holding area so that children can study them and then turn them loose. However, for the last several years, I've been using it to catch bugs in my home and set them free outside.

Dow Chemicals new slogan says it all (tags)

America's drug companies and chemical manufacturers have become expert at creating slogans and catch phrases to disguise the deadly effects of their products, but Dow Chemical's latest offering wins the award for creativity.

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